This time I would like to come Sarajevo to find the place my grandmother’s and grandfather’s lived. Me and my elder sister, we belived that we can find and we were very excited. But we couldn’t. What can we do… We know they escaped from I. World War and settled down to Zonguldak. Whatever happens it was so good to us to think about how they lived. Even two sisters pursuit of something related to their own family was so beautiful. In fact, FAMILY means everything. I love and am proud of myself about being aware of it. In two days we spent here we knew to have fun very well. The first day in Sarajevo, second in Mostar. They are consuming so much lamb and salad also their pastries are very famous. First evening we had dinner in Kibe Restaurant then the second in Park Presico. Pictures below. I hope you too will enjoy sharing with me. Good bye until my next travel.

Saraybosna – Savaşta ölen çocuklar için yapılan anıt – 24.07.2012

Mostar – Ablam ve Ben – 25.07.2012

Mostar Çarşısı – 25.07.2012

Mostar Çarşısı – 25.07.2012

Mostar – Mağara – 25.07.2012

Mostar – Savaş sırasında ölenlerin kanları ile kırmızıya dönen ırmak– 25.07.2012

Saraybosna – Tepeden Bakış – 24.07.2012

Saraybosna – İftar Vakti 24.07.2012

Saraybosna – Yıkıntılar 24.07.2012